Anti-Graffiti Films

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It’s a dangerous world out there.

With safety and security window film you take a proactive approach to guard against the unexpected!


Unfortunately, many business establishments spend thousands of dollars replacing damaged property because of vandalism. Installing a clear surface protection film will save you both time and money. A properly installed layer of anti-graffiti film is not noticeable to the naked eye. If and when your property is damaged you simply remove the clear layer of anti-graffiti film and replace for pennies on the dollar.

The anti-graffiti films we have offer a low-track adhesive that is easily removed by a professional installer. All anti-graffiti films are warranted not to fail, bubble or peel. Removal and replacement of damaged product takes minutes and will not affect your day to day business transactions. Monthly service plans are available.

Typical installation locations:

Any type of glass surface such as windows, doors, counter tops, table tops, sneeze guards, restroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, glass railings, elevator windows not to mention glass found on or in transportation vehicles such as school buses, trains and subway passenger vehicles. Non-glass surface locations include stainless steel counter tops, restroom stalls and doors, elevator and escalator walls, granite and marble walls, counter tops, planters and commercial building siding and decorative walls.

Graffiti-Free window films will also provide and improve safety by binding dangerous glass shards together should a window shatter.

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