Decorative Films

Northwest Window Tinting

Combine creativity with the flexibility of Decorative Films and the possibilities are endless!

With so many colors and styles to chose from, your options are only limited to your imagination.

While primarily known for reducing heat, glare and UV rays, window films can actually be used for a variety of functions, including increased privacy, security and decoration.  Decorative window films are becoming more and more popular as homeowners, businesses and designers alike are discovering the innovative uses and wide selection of styles and colors we carry at Northwest Window Tinting.

If you want to make your window pop with style, consider a decorative window film.  Decorative window Films are a cost-effective and inexpensive alternative to finding the right type of glass for your design project. Plus in most cases, we can supply you with more colors and looks than you’ll find with glass – all at a more reasonable price! You just supply the clear glass and we will supply the look that transforms the appearance and feel of your property.  If its glass, we can make it better!

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